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Some types of car malfunctions are worse then others. One of those is when the gearbox gets jammed, preventing you from shiftIng the car into neutral, thus making your car impossible to get up a normal towing truck. For this types of situations we use our Dolly, enabling us to tow even jammed cars without any damage to the gearbox, engine or other parts of your car.

One of the reasones many clients choose us again and again is that we tow almost anything from anywhere. many towing companies won’t go into low clearance garages - either because they don’t have the necessery equipment or they just don’t know how to handle these types of situations. Speedway Towing regulary tows low clearance jobs as well as “regular” towing jobs.

Some cars after an accident need more than just regular towing. after an accident your car might end up stuck in a roadside ditch or in a different difficult situation. Sppedway Towing have all the equipment needed to get your car out of almost any situation. just discribe the situation to our staff, and they’ll let you know if we can help you (and we probably can…).

Have any old cars that are taking up space in your garage? Moved in to a new place and found an old wreck parking outside? or maybe your car just reached the end of its life and needs to be taken away? in any of those cases - Speedway Towing will be more than happy to give you the fastest & most professional service to remove your old vehicle.

A motorcycle, a car & a trcuk are three different types of vehicles, and they all require different handling when towed, and different types of professional equipment. Since we know this - we have all the gear needed to handle any type of situation, for any type of vehicles that needs towing.

Speedway Towing is not just a Towing company. we provide all kinds of roadside assistance services. Many of our calls are from clients who don’t need towing but someting much simpler, like a battery charge, cable jump start or something else. Our staff have all the equipment needed for any type fo roadside situation - whether it be jump starting your car or towing it to a garage.

It’s always “better” to have a flat tire than run into engine problems with your car. unlike your car’s tires, the engine is a complicated machine and can have all kinds of problems, originating from different parts of the engine. But if you can’t fix the engine problem on your own, or if your’e not that familiar with car’s engines - simply call Speedway Towing and we’ll be there for you - fast - to help fix any problem your engine might have, or otherwise get you to a garage.

We strive to answer any call we get in 30 minutes, knowing that in that type of situation it’s important for you to know that help is on the way. If we get a call from a driver that is stuck in a dangerous situation, like the shoulder of a busy highway, we make special effort to get there ASAP and help lessen the stress of the situation, before fixing your tires and sending you on your way.

Getting stuck without gas is one of the worst things for a car owner… when your car breaks down you can blame it on someone else, but no gas? that’s totally your fault :) sorry about that. Fortunately, we are availble 24/7 in the Fort Worth Area (see the full list of our coverage areas on the left) and will be happy to assist you and bring all the gas you need, so you can go on your way.

We use Flatbed Towing when we deal with a car that need special extra care. if you need to tow a car in a sensitive situation or if you own a very large truck or vehicle, give us a call and describe the situation. Our Flatbed Trucks are always ready, and we will take all the necessery precautions to tow your car without any damage to it.

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