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"I would like to share my great experience" - Mark K. / Yelp

I would like to share my great experience with this towing company.
I was on my way to a very important meeting relating to my job.then
There was a big pothole on the road,unfortunately I hit it!
Luckily I was managed to drive my car to a safe location(gas station)but my concern was my appointment at work will be missed. I looked on yelp for towing company with good reviews. Luckily I found speedway towing.
When I called I asked the person who answers the phone,if they can pick up the car without me being with the car,they sad"no problem",so I left the car and gave them all the information about the car.
In a hour later their dispatcher called me and informed me that the car is at discount tire.
3 hours later I was able to pick up my car with a new tire.
You don't find that kind of service every day.
I would like to thank speedway towing for take care of my car and let me keep my day plan as it was.

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